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More Clinical Trials Coming for Peptides Soon

More Clinical Trials Coming for Peptides Soon

By on Feb 1, 2016 in Health, Peptides |

So far, there are approximately 60 peptides that have been approved for human use. While this may sound like a lot, there are actually roughly 140 peptides that are actual candidates for clinical trials. This means that there are a number of peptides that could be approved soon, offering incredible new benefits for your health and wellness. Over the past ten years, peptides have been used to fight against infectious diseases and even for oncology purposes. One can only imagine what is next to come for peptide research.

There are a number of possibilities that could come with peptide research in the future. First off, people can certainly anticipate the number of clinical trials to increase. While this will create a lot of work for professionals, it could offer a lot of hope for those that are looking for treatment answers. Peptides are not just going to be the main ingredients for new medications that will hit the market, they could also be added in to existing medications to make them more effective.

It goes without saying that if more peptides are being added to the clinical lists, they will be able to address a lot more medical conditions. They may even have a lot more commercial uses. In the future, experts hope to take advantage of the self-healing power of peptides to help with fighting obesity, syndromes that impact the metabolic system, and even type 2 diabetes.

Today, most peptides are used intravenously, meaning you have to inject them to get maximum benefits. More and more people will likely begin using peptide based treatments when they can be taken orally in pill form. This will certainly happen in time. When they can be taken by mouth they are definitely going to become a lot more attractive to those that are leery of injections. It is also a hope that peptides can be stored at room temperature in the future. With the invention of long acting formulas it is also anticipated that individuals will be able to take smaller amounts into their body and they will remain active, and working, for a longer period of time.

While research is working towards helping increase the number of peptides that can be used in medications, and for healing sick individuals, it is very important to understand that there are currently a number of peptides that can be used to help improve the look and feel of your skin. These peptides are already being used in facial creams and different cosmetics. Research has shown that when these products are used on a regular basis the results can be very beneficial to reduce the signs of aging and promote the skin’s natural collagen production.

You will find that there are a number of reasons to consider peptides. There is plenty of research out there about what they can do for your body and your health. You simply need to determine what your needs are, and which peptides will be the best for you.

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